Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello everyone. My name is Jeff Kearney and I’m the owner/photographer of TDC Photography. I’ve created this blog to start exploring as many different areas and interests of the photographic perspective as possible. Everything from tips and techniques to random topics about different types of photography and gear geek outs will be covered. Hopefully everybody, including me, will learn something along the way. For instance, this may lead to me actually learning how to write correctly. Doubtful, but hopeful.

However, before going much further, I should probably say a few things about myself and my photography. Which is pretty much one and the same. I began my formal training in the early to mid 1990’s while attending the Art Institute of Seattle. Where I studied fashion and portrait photography under former Vogue and Cosmopolitan shooters. After leaving school I did a favor for a friend in the music industry who needed some various promo type photo work done for a band he was managing, and with that little favor, I began my personal “on again-off again” relationship with the music world that continues to this day. Photographing bands ranging from Anthrax to ZZ Top for the first decade of my career before beginning to branch out into other photographic areas, but more about that later. For now, I’ll just say that concert photography is where I cut my teeth.

Jeff Kearney colorado springs

After my first decade in business I decided to extend my photographic presence beyond the music realm, and in doing so, I took a year long sabbatical to receive an apprenticeship in the ancient art form of tattooing. A little odd. But I wanted to learn as much about tattooing as possible before beginning to really photograph both the art and the subject matter. Turned out to be a good plan. As it led me to a 5 year period of photographing for over 15 different international tattoo magazine publications including Tattoo Magazine and Skin Art. It was definitely a time that I won’t ever forget, but the photographic fates still had more in store for me and a new path appeared, along with some more music photography of course, but again, that’s for another blog.

Ironically, the road that laid before me was filled with a certain familiarity, as one could argue that I had returned back to my roots to start my next chapter. From the ages of 9 through 13, my very first job was as a paperboy for the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph newspaper, followed then by my first ”real” job out of high school, which was working overnights in the Gazette’s (they’d dropped the “Telegraph” by then) mailroom. So I guess it really should have been of no surprise when I was brought on as a freelance photographer to their A&E section, but it was. It was more than just a surprise, it was the achievement of a goal that I didn’t even realize that I had been working toward. That is, until it happened.

Strange how the world sometimes spins.

Becoming an editorial freelance photographer opened my horizons and honed my technique more than words could ever explain. Not only was I photographing concerts, again, but now I began to cover such things as ballets, festivals, galas, sporting events, and most importantly, food. Yup, that’s right. Food. But just like music photography, that’s for another blog. More than anything though, like I said before, getting into freelancing in the editorial world opened up my horizons, and opportunities. For example, within a couple of years of starting to freelance for the Gazette, I was brought on by the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theater to be their “Photographer in Residence”. A position that I’ve now proudly held for the past 5 seasons. Plus too many other references, referrals and side jobs to even mention. Except for one. It was through my editorial freelance work that I was introduced into the world of advertising photography, or probably as it’s better known, commercial photography. And when that doorway opened before me my understanding of the business of photography changed forever.

And with that, maybe this is a good place to end my first blog. A nice and somewhat brief hello and intro, but with enough of an overview about my photographic experiences to fill quite a few blogs. Good place to be. Looking forward to discussing and delving into a multitude of photographic areas with everyone. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope that future topics and discussions will help you along your own photographic journey. Much love and anything for the shot!